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The Association for Transpersonal Psychology: Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

1969 VOL. I NO. I
ASSAGIOLI, R. Symbols of transpersonal experiences.
MASLOW, A. The farther reaches of human nature.
ARMOR, T. A note on the peak experience and a transpersonal psychology.
MASLOW, A. Various meanings of transcendence.
MAVEN, A. The mystic union: A suggested biological interpretation.
MURPHY, M.H Education for transcendence.
SUTICH, A.J. Some considerations regarding Transpersonal Psychology.
NO. 2
HARMAN, W. The new Copernican revolution.
LESHAN, L. Physicists and mystics: Similarities in world view.
MASLOW, A.H. Theory Z. PAHNKE, N. & RICHARDS, W.A. Implications of LSD and experimental mysticism.
SUTICH, A.J. The American Transpersonal Association.
WAPNICK, K. Mysticism and schizophrenia.

1970 VOL. 2 NO. 1
BLAIR, M.A. Meditation in the San Francisco Bay Area: An introductory survey.
CRISWELL, E. Experimental yoga psychology course for college students: A progress report. GREEN, E., CREEN, A.M., & WALTERS, E.D. Voluntary control of internal states: Psychological and physiological.
TART, C.T. Transpersonal potentialities of deep hypnosis.
TIMMONS, B., & KAMIYA, J. The psychology and physiology of meditation and related phenomena: A bibliography.
NO. 2
FADIMAN, J. The second Council Grove conference on altered states of consciousness.
HART, J.T. The Zen of Hubert Benoit.
MASLOW, A.H. New introduction: Religions, values, and peak experiences.
RAM DASS. Lecture at the Menninger Foundation : Part 1.

1971 Vol. 3 NO. 1
GOLEMAN, D. Meditation as metatherapy: Hypotheses toward a proposed fifth state of consciousness.
GREEN, E.E. & GREEN, A.M. On the meaning of transpersonal: Some metaphysical perspectives. RAM DASS. Lecture at the Menninger Foundation:
Part 2
SUTICH, A.J. Transpersonal notes.
HENDRICK, N. A program in the psychology of human consciousness.
TART, C.T. A psychologist's experience with Transcendental Meditation.
TART, C.T. Scientific foundations for the study of altered states of consciousness.
VAN NUYS, D. A novel technique for studying attention during meditation.
WEIDE, T.N. Council Grove III: The third annual interdisciplinary conference on the voluntary control of internal states.

1972 Vol. 4 NO. 1
GOLEMAN, D. The Buddha on meditation and states of consciousness. Part 1: The teaching. GROF, S. Varieties of transpersonal experiences: Observations from LSD psychotherapy. SHERMAN, S.E. Brief report: Continuing research on "very deep hypnosis."
SUTICH, A.J. Association for Transpersonal Psychology.
WEIDE, T.N. Council Grove IV: Toward a science of ultimates.
NO. 2 GOLEMAN, D. The Buddha on meditation and states of consciousness,
Part II: A typology of meditation techniques. o KRIPPNER, S. (ED.). The plateau experience: A.H. Maslow and others. RICHARDS, W., GROF, S., Goodman, L., & KIJRLAND, A. LSD-assisted psychotherapy and the human encounter with death. Jungian view of biofeedback training.
WALSH, R.N. Reflections on psychotherapy.
WELWOOD, J. Exploring mind: Form emptiness and beyond.
WILLIAMS, R.R. Biofeedback: A technology for self-transaction.

1973 - Vol. 5 NO. I
GROF, S. Theoretical and empirical basis of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy: Observations from LSD research
RAM DASS. Lecture at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center: Part 1.
SUTICH, A.J. Transpersonal therapy. - TRUNGPA, C. An approach to meditation. VILHJALMSS0N, G. V., & WEIDE, T.N. The first international transpersonal conference.
WEIDE, T.N. Varieties of transpersonal therapy.
NO. 2
CLARK, F.V. Exploring intuition: Prospects and possibilities.
KATZ, R. Education for transcendence: Lessons from the Kung Zhutwasi.
NITYA, SWAMI. Excerpts from a discussion.
Osls, K., BOKERT, E., & CARLSON, M.L. Dimensions of the meditative experience. o RAM DASS. Lecture at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center: Part 2
WEIDE, T.N. Vallombrosa: A major transpersonal event.

1974 Vol. 6 NO. 1
CAMPBELL, P.A., & MCMAHON, E.M. Religious-type experience in the context of humanistic and transpersonal psychology.
CASPER, M. Space therapy and the Maitri project.
CLARK, F.V. Rediscovering transpersonal education.
CRAMPTON, M. Psychological energy transformations: Developing positive polarization. GOLEMAN, D. Perspectives on psychology. reality and the study of consciousness.
KENNETT, J. Translating the precepts.
REDMOND, H. A pioneer program in transpersonal education.
TIMMONS, B., & KANELLAKOS, D.P. The psychology and physiology of meditation and related phenomena: Bibliography II.
WATTS, A. Psychotherapy and eastern religion: Metaphysical bases of psychiatry.
NO. 2
BERNBAUM, E. The way of symbols: The use of symbols in Tibetan mysticism. -
FRAGER, R. A proposed model for a graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology.
JAIN, M., & JAIN, K.M. The samadhist: A description.
KENNETT, J. On meditation. o RING, K. A transpersonal view of consciousness: A mapping of farther regions of inner space.
STAT, D. Double chambered whistling bottles: A unique Peruvian pottery form.
TARTHANG TULKU. The self-image.

1975 VOL. 7 No. 1
AUGUSTINE, M.J. & KALISH, R.A. Religion, transcendence and appropriate death.
FRACER, R. & FADIMAN, J. Personal growth in Yoga and Sufism.
KENNETT, J., RADHA, SWAMI, & FRAZER, R. HOW to be a transpersonal teacher without becoming a guru.
RAM DASS. Advice to a psychotherapist.
SHULTZ, J.V. Stages on the spiritual path: A Buddhist perspective.
SIMONTON, O.C. & SIMONTON, S.S. Belief systems and management of the emotional aspects of malignancy.
TRUNGPA, C. Transpersonal cooperation at Naropa.
NO. 2
DEATHERAGE, G. The clinical use of 'mindfulness' meditation techniques in short-term psychotherapy.
GARFIELD, C.A. Consciousness alteration and fear of death.
GOLEMAN, D. Mental health in classical Buddhist psychology.
HENDRICKS, C. Meditation as discrimination training: A theoretical note.-
MAO UET, J. Meditation in contemporary Sri Lanka: Idea and practice.
WILBER, K. Psychologia perennis: The spectrum of consciousness.

1976 Vol. 8 No. 1
CAPRA, F. Modern physics and Eastern mysticism.
SUTICH, A.J. The emergence of the transpersonal orientation: A personal account.
TART, C.T. The basic nature of altered states of consciousness: A systems approach.
TARTHANG TULKU. A view of mind.
VICH, M.A. Anthony J. Sutich: An appreciation.
NO. 2
LESLIE, R.C. Yoga and the fear of death. o RAM DASS. Freeing the mind.
RING K. Mapping the regions of consciousness: A conceptual reformulation.

1977 Vol. 9 NO. I
ERHARD, W. & FADIMAN, J. Some aspects of est training and transpersonal psychology: A conversation.
KELLER, M Henry David Thoreau: A transpersonal view.
WELWOOD, J Meditation and the unconscious: A new perspective.
NO. 2
ANDERSON, R.M., JR. A holographic model of transpersonal consciousness.
KOHR, R. L. Dimensionality in meditative experience: A replication.
RAM DASS & STEINDLRAST, B.D. On lay monasticism.
WALSH, R.N. Initial meditative experiences: Part 1.
WELWOOD, J. On psychological space.

1978 Vol. 10 NO. 1
MURDOCK, M.H. Meditation with young children.
TAYLOR, E.l. Psychology of religion and Asian studies: The William James legacy.
WALSH, R. N. Initial meditative experiences: Part 2
WASHBURN, M.C. Observations relevant to a unified theory of meditation.
NO. 2
BOALS, G. F. Toward a cognitive reconceptualization of meditation.
GREEN, A. M. & GREEN, E. E. Some problems in biofeedback research.
WALSH, R. N., D GOLEMAN, J. KORNFIELD, C PENSA, D SHAPIRO Meditation: Aspects of research and practice.
WELWOOD, J. F. CAPRA, M. FERGUSON, J NEEDLEMAN, K. PRIBRAM, H. SMITH, F. VAUGHAN, R. N. WALSH Psychology science and spiritual paths: Contemporary issues.

1979 VOL. 11 NO. 1
KORNFIELD, Intensive insight meditation: A phenomenological study.
MEADOW, M.J., SWAMI AJAYA, L. BREGMAN, W.H. CLARK, G. GREEN, S. KRIPPNER, L.R. RAMBO, K. RING, C.T. TART, K. WILBER. Spiritual and transpersonal aspects of altered states of consciousness: A symposium report.
STENSRUD, R., & STENSRUD, K. The Tao of human relations.
WELWOOD, J. Self-knowledge as the basis for an integrative psychology.
WILBER, K. A developmental view of consciousness.
NO 2
BOORSTEIN, S. Troubled relationships: Transpersonal and psychoanalytic approaches. TRUNGPA, C. Intrinsic health: A conversation with health professionals.
VAUGHAN, F Transpersonal psychotherapy: Context, content and process.
WALSH, R N Emerging cross-disciplinary parallels: Suggestions from the neurosciences.
WALSH, R N Meditation research: An introduction and review.
WELWOOD, J Befriending emotion: Self-knowledge and transformation.
WHITE, L W Recovery from alcoholism: Transpersonal dimensions.

1980 Vol.. 12 NO 1
BOHM, D. & WELWOOD, J. Issues in physics. psychology and metaphysics: A conversation.
BOUCOUVALAS, M. Transpersonal psychology: A working outline of the field.
BURNS, D & OHAYV, R. Psychological changes in meditating Western monks in Thailand. DRENGSON, A.R. Social and psychological implications of human attitudes toward animals. JAMNIEN, AJAHN & OHAYV, R. Field interview with a Theravada teaching master.
METZNER, R. Ten classical metaphors of self-transformation.
THOMAS, L.E. & COOPER, P.E. Incidence and psychological correlates of intense spiritual experiences.
NO. 2
BOORSTEIN, S. Lightheartedness in psychotherapy.
BROWN, D.P. & ENGLER, J. Stages of mindfulness meditation: A validation study.
LANGFORD, A. Working with Cambodian refugees: Observations on the Family Practice Ward at Khao I Dang.
MURPHY, M. The Esalen Institute Transformation Project: A preliminary report.
WELWOOD, J. Reflections on psychotherapy focusing and meditation.

1981 Vol. 13 No. 1
HIDAS, A. Psychotherapy and surrender: A psychospiritual perspective.
PETERS, L.G. An experiential study of Nepalese Shamanism.
SMITH, K. Observations on Morita therapy and culture-specific interpretations.
WILBER, K. Ontogenetic development: Two fundamental patterns.
No. 2
AMODEO, J. Focusing applied to a case of disorientation in meditation.
AMUNDSON, J. WilLin the psychology of Otto Rank.
EARLE, J.B.B. Cerebral laterality and meditation: A review.
ERSTEIN, M.D. & LIEFF, J.D. Psychiatric complications of meditation.
GOLEMAN, D. Buddhist and Western psychology: Some commonalties and differences.
O'HANLON, D.J., S.J. Integration of spiritual practices: A Western Christian looks East.

1982 Vol. 14 No. 1
ANTHONY, D. The outer master as inner guide: Autonomy and authority in the process of transformation.
LIEFF, J. Eight reasons doctors fear the elderly. chronic illness and death.
VAUGHAN, F. The transpersonal perspective: A personal overview.
WALSH, R. A model for viewing meditation research.
WORTZ, E. Application of awareness methods in psychotherapy.
No. 2
AITKEN, R. Zen practice and psychotherapy.
ALPERT, R./RAM DASS. A ten-year perspective.
RIEDLINGER, T.J. Sartre s rite of passage.
SPEETH, K. On psychotherapeutic attention.
WELWOOD, J. Vulnerability and power in the therapeutic process: Existential and Buddhist perspectives.

1983 Vol. 15 No. 1
FRIEDMAN, H.L. The self-expansive level form: A conceptualization and measure ment of a transpersonal construct.
GROF, S. East and West: Ancient wisdom and modern science.
KOMITO, D.R. Tibetan Buddhism and psychotherapy: A conversation with the Dalai Lama.
LANE, D.C. The hierarchical structure of religious visions.
SHAPIRO, D.H. Meditation as an altered state of consciousness.
No. 2
BOORSTEIN, S. The use of bibliotherapy and mindfulness meditation in a psychiatric setting. GALLEGOS, E.S. Animal imagery. the chakra system and psychotherapy.
HASTING S, A. A counseling approach to parapsychological experience.
HENDERSON, B. Self-help books emphasizing transpersonal psychology: Are they ethical? HENKIN, W. Two non-ordinary experiences of reality and their integration.
KALFF, M. Negation of ego in Tibetan Buddhism and Jungian psychology.
MURPHY, M. & DONOVAN, S. A bibliography of meditation theory and research: 1981-1983.

1984 Vol. 16 N. 1
ENGLER, J. Therapeutic aims in psychotherapy and meditation: Developmental stages in the representation of self.
KOMITO, D.R. Tibetan Buddhism and psychotherapy: Further conversations with the Dalai Lama. WELWOOD, J. Principles of inner work: Psychological and spiritual.
WILBER, K. The developmental spectrum and psychopathology: Part 1. Stages and types of pathology.
No. 2
ARMSTRONG, T. Transpersonal experience in childhood.
ASANTE, M.K. The African American mode of transcendence.
EPSTEIN, M.D. On the neglect of evenly suspended attention.
GROSS, R.M. The feminine principle in Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism: Reflections of a Buddhist feminist.
SHAFRANSKE, E.P. & GORSUCH, R.L. Factors associated with the perception of spirituality in psychotherapy.
WILBER, K. The developmental spectrum and psychopathology: Part II. Treatment modalities.

1985 Vol. 17 No. 1
BOORSTEIN, S. Notes on right speech as a psychotherapeutic technique.
METZNER, R. Knots, ties, nets, and bonds in relationships.
SCOTTON, B.W. Observations on the teaching and supervision of transpersonal psychotherapy. SOVATSKY, S. Eros as mystery: Toward a transpersonal sexology and procreativity.
THAPA, K. & MURTHY, V.N. Experiential characteristics of certain altered states of consciousness.
WELWOOD, J. On love: Conditional and unconditional.
No. 2
CHINEN, A.B. Fairy tales and transpersonal development in later life.
GOLEMAN, D., SMITH, H. & RAM DASS. Truth and transformation in psychological and spiritual paths.
LUKOFF, D. The diagnosis of mystical experiences with psychotic features.
LUKOFF D. & EVEREST, H.C. The myths in mental illness.

1986 Vol. 18 No. 1
BUTCHER, P. The phenomenological psychology of J. Krishnamurti.
KNOBLAUCH, D. & FALCONER, J.A. The relationship of a measured Taoist orientation to Western personality dimensions.
ROTHBERG, D. Philosophical foundations of transpersonal psychology: An introduction to some basic issues.
RUSSELL, E.W. Consciousness and the unconscious: Eastern meditative and Western psychotherapeutic approaches.
No. 2
BOORSTEIN, S. Transpersonal context, interpretation, and psychotherapeutic technique.
CHINEN, A.B. Elder tales revisited: Forms of transcendence in later life.
EPSTEIN, M. Meditative transformations of narcissism.
FLEISCHMAN, P.R. Release: A religious and psychotherapeutic issue.
TART, C.T. Consciousness, altered states, and worlds of experience.
WELWOOD, J. Personality structure: Path or pathology?

1987 Vol. 19 No. 1
DUBS, G. Psycho-spiritual development in Zen Buddhism: A study of resistance in meditation. TEIXEIRA, B. Comments on Ahimsa (nonviolence).
No. 2
CHINEN, A.B. Middle tales: Fairy tales and transpersonal development at mid-life.
DAVIS, J. & WRIGHT, C. Content of undergraduate transpersonal psychology courses. ECHENHOFER, F.G. & COOMBS, M.M. A brief review of research and controversies in EEG biofeedback and meditation
LU, F.G. & HEMING, G. The effect of the film Ikiru on death anxiety and attitudes toward death. MEADOW, M.J. & CULLIGAN, K. Congruent spiritual paths: Christian Carmelite and Theravadan Buddhist Vipassana
WEIMER, S. R. & LU, F.G. Personal transformation through an encounter with death: Cinematic and psychotherapy case studies.

1988 No. 1 Vol. 20
CHINEN, A.B.; FOOTE, W.; JUE, R.W.; LUKOFF, D. & SPIELVOGEL, A. Clinical symposium: Challenging cases in transpersonal psychotherapy.
EPSTEIN, M. The deconstruction of the self: Ego and "egolessness" in Buddhist insight meditation. HILTUNEN, S.S. Initial therapeutic applications of Noh Theatre in drama therapy.
PENDZIK, S. Drama therapy as a form of modern shamanism.
WILBER, T.K. Attitudes and cancer: What kind of help really helps?
NO. 2
LUKOPP, D. Transpersonal perspectives on manic psychosis: Creative, visionary, and mystical states.
LUKOPP, D. & LU, F. Transpersonal psychology research review: Topic: Mystical experience. o VICH, M.A. Some historical sources of the term "transpersonal."
WILBER, K. On being a support person.

1989 Vol. 21 No. 1
EPSTEIN, M. Forms of emptiness: Psychodynamic, meditative and clinical perspectives.
HEERY, M.W. Inner voice experiences: An exploratory study of thirty cases
ROBERTS T.B. | Multistate education Metacognitive implications of the mindbody psychotechnologies.
SHAPHIRO, D. Judaism as a journey of transformation: Consciousness, behavior, and society.
WALSH, R. What is a Shaman? Definition, origin and distribution .
No. 2
CARLAT, D.J. Psychological motivation and the choice of spiritual symbols: A case study - |LUKOFF, D. & Lu, F.G. Transpersonal psychology research review: Topic: Computerized databases, specialized collections, and archives
NELSON, P.L. Personality factors in the frequency of reported spontaneous preternatural experiences
PETERS, L.G. Shamanism: Phenomenology of a spiritual discipline
SCHAVRIEN, J.E. The rage, healing and demonic death of Oedipus: A self-in-relation theory. SERLIN, I. A psycho-spiritual-body therapy approach to residential treatment of Catholic religious

1990 Vol. 22 No. 1
ErsTEIN M. Psychodynamics of meditation: Pitfalls on the spiritual path.
Fox, W. Transpersonal ecology: "Psychologizing" ecophilosophy.
HOLDEN, J. & GUEST, C. Life review in a non-near-death episode: A comparison with near-death experiences.
NELSON, P. The technology of the preternatural: An empirically based model of transpersonal experience.
WELWOOD, J. Intimate relationship as path.
No. 2 HUGHES, D. & MELVILLE, N. Changes in brain wave activity during trance channeling: A pilot study.
LUKOFF, D., ZANGER, R & Lu, F. Transpersonal psychology research review . Psychoactive substances and transpersonal states.
TART, C. Adapting Eastern spiritual teachings to Western culture A discussion with ShinzenYoung. WALDMAN, M. Reflections on death and reconciliation.

1991 No. 1 Vol. 23
DOBLIN, R. Pahnke's "Good Friday experiment": A long-term follow-up and methodological critique.
Dusr N, W. The use of meditative techniques in psychotherapy supervision.
Mansfield, V. Looking into mind: An undergraduate course.
TART, C.T. & DERKMAN, A.J. Mindfulness, spiritual seeking and psychotherapy.
No. 2
LAJOIE, D. H., SHAPIRO, S.E. & ROBERTS, T.B. A historical analysis of the statement of purpose in The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.
MONTGOMERY, C.L. The care-giving relationship Paradoxical and transcendent aspects
TART, C.T. Influences of previous psychedelic drug experiences on students of Tibetan Buddhism: A preliminary exploration.
VAUGHAN, F. Spiritual issues in psychotherapy.
VIGNE, J. Guru and psychotherapist Comparisons from the Hindu tradition .

1992 Vol. 24 No. 1
BOGART, G.C. Separating from a spiritual teacher
LAJORE, D.H. & SHAPIRO, S.I. Definitions of transpersonal psychology: The first twenty-three years.
LUKOFF, D., TURNER, R. & Lu, F. Transpersonal psychology research review Psychoreligious dimensions of healing.
MCNAMARA, P. A transpersonal approach to memory.
SHAPIRO, D.H. JR. A preliminary study of long-term meditators Goals, effects, religious orientation, cognitions.
VICH, M.A. Changing definitions of transpersonal psychology
No. 2
HUGHES, D.J. Differences between trance channeling and multiple personality disorder on structured interview .
LOY, D. Avoiding the void The lack of self in psychotherapy and Buddhism.
STAVELY, H. & MCNAMARA, P. Warwick Fox's "transpersonal ecology" A critique and alternative approach
WALDMAN, M., LANNERT, J., BOORSTEIN, S., SCOTTON, B., SALTZMAN L. & JUE, R.W. The therapeutic alliance, kundalini, and spiritual/religious issues in counseling
WALSH, R.N. & VAUGHAN, F. Lucid dreaming Some transpersonal implications.

1993VOLUME 25, N. 1
The art of transcendence
WALSH & VAUGHAN Transpersonal psychology research review: Psychospiritual dimensions of healing
LUKOFF, TURNER & LU Reflections of shaktipat: Psychosis or
the rise of kundalini? A case study.
OSSOFF CARR The physio-kundalini syndrome and mental illness.
GREYSON Death and near-death: A comparison of Tibetan and Euro-American experiences
N. 2
WALSH The transpersonal movement: A history and state of the art/ The structure and dynamics of waking sleep.
TART The unveiling of traumatic memories and emotions through mindfulness and concentration meditation: Clinical implications and three case reports.
MILLER Rigorous intuition: Consciousness, being, and the phenomenological method.
HANNA U On transpersonal definitions.
WALSH & VAUGHAN Cumulative Chronological and Author Index: The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Volumes 21-25, 1989-1993

1994 VOLUME 26, N. 1
DUBIN The use of meditative techniques for teaching dynamic psychology.
METZNER Addiction and transcendence as altered states of consciousness.
PATRIK Phenomenological method and meditation.
STEELE The multistate paradigm and the spiritual path of John of the Cross
N. 2
BOORSTEIN Insight: Some considerations regarding its potential and limitations"Deep states" of meditation: Phenomenological reports of experience.
GIFFORD-MAY & THOMPSON: How transpersonal psychotherapists differ from other practitioners: An empirical study
HUTTON Validation of a measure of transpersonal self-concept and its relationship to Jungian and five-factor model conceptions of
MACDONALD, TSAGARAKIS, & HOLLAND Aftereffects of near-death experiences: A survival mechanism hypothesis/Wren-Lewis

1995 Volume 27, N. 1
The plateau experience and the post-mortem life: Abraham H. Maslow's unfinished theory
CLEARY-SHAPIRO Phenomenological mapping: A method for describing and comparing states of consciousness.
WALSH Toward the objective exploration of non-ordinary reality
TART Rediscovering native rituals: "'Coming home' to myself"
DIAZ-SAWATSZKY Zen meditation: A psychoanalytic conceptualization/Leone
N. 2
WILBER: An informal overview of transpersonal studies.
FLIER: Demistifying mysticism: Finding a developmental relationship between different ways of knowing
LUKOFF-LU-TURNER-GACKENBACH: Transpersonal psychology research review: Researching religious and spiritual problems on the Internet.
MACDONALD-LECLAIR-HOLLAND-ALTER-FRIEDMAN: A survey of measures of transpersonal constructs

1996 VOLUME 28, N. 1
LIESTER Inner Voices: Distingushing transcendent and pathological characteristics
URFBANOWSKI-MILLER Trauma, psychotherapy, and meditation
NALIMOV-DROGALINA The transpersonal movement: A russian perspective on its emergance and prospects for further development
WILBER Transpersonal art and literary theory
N. 2
ANDERSON, R. NINE Psycho-spiritual characteristics of spontaneous and involuntary weeping.
GROOS, P.L. & SHAPIRO, S.I. Characteristics of the Taoist Sage in the Chuag-tzu and the creative photographer.
METZNER, R. The Buddhist six-worlds model of consciousness and reality.
PARNELL, L. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and spiritual unfolding.
TART, C.T. Letter.
WELWOOD, J. Reflections and presence: The dialectic of self-knowledge.

1997 VOLUME 29, N. 1
ASTIN, J.A. & SHAPIRO, D.H. Measuring the psychological construct of control: Applications to transpersonal psychology. MARSEILLE, J. The spiritual dimension in logotherapy; Victor Frankj's contribution to transpersonal psychology.
PELTZER, K. The role of religion in counseling victims of
organized violence.
PETERS L.G. The "calling" the yeti, and the banjhakri ("forest shaman") in Nepalese shamanism.
VANDERKOOR. L. Buddhist teachers' experience with extreme mental states in Western meditators.

1998 VOLUME 30, N. 1
MARGARET COBERLY & SHAPIRO, S.I. A transpersonal approach to care of the dying.
PATRICIA L. RYAN. Spirituality among adult survivors of childhood violence: A literature review.
JORGE N. FERRER. Speak now or forever hold your peace: A review essay of Ken Wilber's The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating Science and Religion.
KEN WILBER. Response to Jorge Ferrer's "Speak now or
forever hold your peace". A review essay of Ken Wilber's The Marriage of Sense and Soul.

1999 VOLUME 31,
KEN WILBER. Spirituality and developmental lines: Are there stages?
Michael Nagel. Researching advanced meditative states: Problems of subject selection.
Richard C. Page and James F. Weiss
and Lori Stowers Wright and Eilish McAuliffe and Jigme Ugyan. The impact of external phenomena on participants in a long-term Buddhist retreat.
MARCIE BOUCOUVALAS. Following the movement: From transpersonal psychology to a multi-disciplinary transpersonal orientation. Donald
ROTHBERG Transpersonal issues at the millenium. Roger N. Walsh Asian contemplative disciplines:
Common practices, clinical applications, and research findings. KEN WILBER An approach to integral psychology.
DOUGLAS A. MACDONALD AND HARRIS L. FRIEDMAN AND JEFFREY G. KUENTZEL A survey of measures of spiritual and transpersonal constructs: Part two - additional instruments.

2000 VOLUME 32,
KAISA PUHAKKA Editor's inaugural essay. Jorge N. Ferrer The perennial philosophy revisited.
ROBERT A. MASTERS Compassionate wrath: Transpersonal approaches to anger.
LOUISE SUNDARARAJAN Transpersonal emotions: A structural and phenomenological perspective.
KEVIN C. KRYCKA Shamanic practices and the treatment of life-threatening medical conditions.
CHRISTOPHER M. BACHE The eco-crisis and species ego-death: Speculations on the future.
JOSEPH BOBROW Reverie in Zen and psychoanalysis: Harvesting the ordinary.
CHRISTIAN DE QUINCEY. Intersubjectivity: Exploring consciousness from the second-person perspective. Bruce Greyson Some neuropsychological correlates of the physio-kundalini syndrome.
TOBIN HART Transformation as process and paradox.
Jenny Wade Mapping the courses of heavenly bodies: The varieties of transcendent sexual experience.